Plenum Fan

Baikal Mechanical fans can be installed horizontally, vertically, or at any angle required to be compatible with existing ductwork. These fans can be installed on a roof or in a Mechanical Equipment Room (MER).


  • Energy savings.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Lower running costs.
  • More efficient and quieter than traditional belt-driven fans.
  • Can provide static pressure up to 2 in wg (1,000 Pa) with flow capacities up to 9,000 CFM (15,291 m 3 /hr).
  • Can be installed horizontally, vertically, or at any angle required to be compatible with existing ductwork.
  • Multiple exhaust directions are possible and the setup can easily be configured to meet any customer need or requirement.

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Plenum Exhaust Fans: A Quick and Easy Guide

Proper ventilation is absolutely essential if you wish to maintain a healthy indoor air quality. Most homes, and commercial, and industrial spaces are not outfitted with provisions for natural ventilation. This is why exhaust fan are a worthy addition to any space.

Ventilation replaces stale air with fresh and clean air. The ventilation process includes several processes and can be used in wide variety of applications but the airflow fundamental remains the same: bad air out; fresh air in.

The Main Goal

It could be for residential, commercial, or industrial use but the basic goal of an exhaust fan is to eliminate humidity, unpleasant odors, and possibly harmful contaminants in the air through a wall- or ceiling-mounted vent.

What is a Commercial Exhaust Fan?

Exhaust fans are probably the most underappreciated appliance that ever existed. There are fans for home use and exhaust fans for industrial use. And then there are commercial exhaust fans. These are designed to help maintain clear air in a commercial space.

These powerful and efficient fans remove heat, steam, odors, gases, and other contaminants including allergens and bacteria from the air. This helps keep the air in your commercial space – stores, restaurants, hospitals, etc. – clean and fresh.

Commercial exhaust fans are especially helpful in restaurants where humidity and moisture is high and grease can build up on the walls. They are also useful in hospitals to help maintain a sterile environment by eliminating unwanted contaminants from the air.

What is an Industrial Exhaust Fan?

An industrial exhaust fan is no different than a commercial exhaust fan. However, they tend to be larger because they are used for spaces like factories, plants, and other industrial facilities. This comes in two types: industrial wall exhaust fans and industrial roof exhaust fans. They basically function the same way.

How Do Exhaust Fans Work?

The ingenuity of these powerful fans is in their simplicity. Whether it is for commercial use or industrial use; exhaust fans work the same way, albeit with a few subtle differences.

The motor in the fan operates the blades. The blades are responsible for pulling the bad indoor air out of the space. The fan then takes the contaminated air through the ductwork system and then expels it out through an exterior vent. After which fresh air is allowed to pass through the ductwork and flow into the interior space.

Why Do You Need an Exhaust Fan?

These simple yet powerful fans are an important component for any space and offer you a lot of benefits.

  1. They are an easy way for controlling humidity.
    These fans are especially effective in areas with high concentrations of moisture and heat such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc. Exhaust fans also remove heat which makes work environments safe for employees as well as customers.
  2. They help maintain the walls as well as fabrics.
    Walls, fabrics and other materials absorb smoke, odors, and grease. Exhaust fans protect your walls and fabrics in the space (curtain, furniture cover, etc.) from absorbing these unpleasant smells. As a result, the wall’s and fabric’s life is extended and its quality is maintained.
  3. They keep the air clean.
    These fans are effective in removing toxic pollutants and contaminants from the air. They can easily remove smoke, gasses, odors, steam, and others. In addition, they also prohibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and germs. All of these helps keep your employees safe at work and keep the environment clean.
  4. They improve your property value.
    Not having an exhaust fan is not only against many building codes; it also harms the value of the property. They are highly valued because of their ability to contribute to maintaining a clean indoor air quality. Because it also removes moisture, it prevents peeling paint, prevents hardware from getting rusty, and prevents structural damage. As mentioned, they also prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

One of the most important components of a home, a commercial space, or an industrial facility is the exhaust fan. It is a hardworking piece of equipment that whose functions and benefits you can’t live without. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the comforts and benefits of a better, cleaner, and healthier air; you simply have to get yourself one!

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