5 Benefits of Retrofitting a HVAC System

5 Benefits of Retrofitting a HVAC System - hvac system 500x5001 1

HVAC systems are a substantial investment, one which has a huge impact of the comfort and productivity of an environment. In a world where technology moves forward at such rapid pace, things can become obsolete much faster than one would hope. Even the best-maintained units can’t last forever. 

As convenient as it would be, many issues can’t be resolved by small adjustments or recalibrations. Poor performance, lower air quality, rises in running costs, and higher frequency of repairs are all reasons to consider retrofitting a HVAC system. 

Replacing the entire system is a huge undertaking, both in terms of time and money, one which may actually be somewhat unnecessary. In many cases, retrofitting is the more cost-effective option when all factors have been considered.

Here are the big benefits of retrofitting a HVAC system:

Increased Efficiency

Energy consumption is perhaps the biggest motivation to retrofit a commercial HVAC system. Research suggests that heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems make up over 50% of all energy usage in US offices. At the same time, a US Department of Energy study found that retrofitting such spaces lead to average energy savings of 35%.

Retrofitting allows you to take advantage of more advanced HVAC technologies, drastically reducing the energy used to cool and heat a commercial space. In one move, a business becomes more environment-friendly and less wasteful of money. 

Fast Return on Investment

While large commercial HVAC installations can cost as much as $40,000 USD, a retrofit project is a fraction of the price. Due to the significant savings to be made when retrofitting a HVAC system, the return on investment (ROI) can be exceptionally fast. 

The same DOE study found that the savings to cost were as much as 46% for small offices and 43% for retail shops. Depending on building circumstances, you will be able to see your investment returned in as little as 18 months.  

Increased Comfort

The most immediate benefit of a retrofitted HVAC system is that you can more effectively control the environment. Upgrading your system can result in less variance in temperature and humidity, largely because drafts are eliminated while air circulation is improved. 

It may also be possible to reduce operating noise by retrofitting, depending on whether the unit is replaced. Either way, investing in new technologies, even if just making changes to ductwork, can have surprising impact an occupant’s comfort and productivity.  

Lower Repair Cost

Having to make repair after repair is not only worryingly expensive, but also extremely time-consuming. Investing in a HVAC retrofit rewards you with lower repair costs. Considering that commercial technicians have an hourly rate of around $100, the long-term savings can heavily outweigh initial costs.

Delays and disruption are just as influential on a business’ profitability, whether that’s the loud sounds of repair work or the blocking of access to certain areas. Endless repairs will negatively impact employee and customer satisfaction, not to mention cause needless stress for those in charge of the budget.  

Longer Lifespan

By definition, a professionally retrofitted HVAC system is more efficient, innovative and reliable than what is has replaced. Proper maintenance is of course essential for the longevity of a heating and cooling system, but strategic retrofits will an equally great influence of HVAC lifespan. 

As new technologies emerge, it is often possible to retrofit multiple times, upgrading parts when appropriate and further improving the performance of the HVAC system. Such customization potential also means that you can make adaptations as your business demands, ultimately allowing you to get the most out of your investment. 

Considering a HVAC System Retrofit

The decision to invest in a HVAC system retrofit, against an entirely new installation, will depend on the specific application and needs of the commercial space. In the majority of cases, businesses can see impressive results from making a few well-considered changes. 

Exact cost and project length will vary from building to building. HVAC retrofitting specialists can expertly assess the limitations of a current system and determine the more beneficial upgrades to work on.

Jan 27, 2022

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