Mushroom Fans & Ventilation Systems

Baikal Mechanical fans are for rooftop installation and can connect with existing ductwork and/or roof curb.

All Baikal mushroom fans come standard with manual speed control and a rainproof hood on the side. Energy savings and maintenance-free operation are some of the benefits you get with a new mushroom fan from Baikal.


  • Lower running costs.
  • More efficient and quieter than traditional belt-driven fans.
  • Can provide static pressure up to 2 in wg (1,000 Pa) with flow capacities up to 9,000 CFM (15,291 m3/hr).
  • Can be installed horizontally, vertically, or at any angle required to be compatible with existing ductwork.
  • Multiple exhaust directions are possible and the setup can easily be configured to meet any customer need or requirement.

Model’s nameUnit dimensions
Box typeFan typeMain supplyABCDEF
BKL-EZA-25250-110-1-1152651~ 110V 60 Hz20201534 1/21616
BKL-EZA-31-35315-110-1-1152671~ 110V 60 Hz252516 1/440 3/42020
 315-208-1-1136741~ 208V 60 Hz252516 1/440 3/42020
 315-208-3-1149113~ 208V 60 Hz252516 1/440 3/42020
 315-208-1-1148571~ 208V 60 Hz252516 1/440 3/42020
 315-480-3-1149143~ 480V 60 Hz252516 1/440 3/42020
 355-208-1-1145391~ 208V 60 Hz252516 1/440 3/42121
 355-208-3-1145403~ 208V 60 Hz252516 1/440 3/42121
 355-208-3-1822513~ 208V 60 Hz252516 1/440 3/42121
BKL-EZA-40-45400-480-3-1147203~ 480V 60 Hz282818 1/4462424
 450-208-1-1145481~ 208V 60 Hz282818 1/4462424
 450-208-3-1154843~ 208V 60 Hz282818 1/4462424
BKL-EZA-50-56500-208-3-1146513~ 208V 60 Hz333322 1/455 1/42828
 560-208-3-1146553~ 208V 60 Hz333322 1/455 1/42828
 560-480-3-1147263~ 208V 60 Hz333322 1/455 1/42828

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A Quick and Easy Guide Mushroom Exhaust Fan

Any person who has ever worked in a kitchen, be it residential or commercial, understand the importance of proper ventilation. Improper or insufficient ventilation can make your time in the kitchen a literal living hell.

In addition, many people now live in multi-unit apartment buildings. Without enough fresh and clean air, the building’s occupants’ health and comfort are placed in jeopardy.

To address these concerns, ventilation systems in the form of mushroom roof fans and mushroom roof ventilators are used. These are the most highly in demand exhaust fan systems because they are low cost and user friendly.

What is a Mushroom Exhaust Fan?

These fairly simple exhaust fans are designed to pull the humidity, moisture, and stale air out of the space, letting clean and fresh air in. A mushroom type exhaust fan is a key factor in the maintenance of a structure’s temperature, ventilation, and air quality.

In apartment buildings or multi-unit structure, it is typical to see roof mushroom exhaust fan “farm”. These fans are connected to grills in each individual unit through vertical ducts or shafts. These ducts are commonly located in areas with a large build up of humidity or moisture like the bathroom or the kitchen.

There are two different types of roof mushroom exhaust fans: direct drive exhaust fans and belt drive exhaust fans.

In direct drive fans, the motors are attached directly to the fan blade. Although they are more expensive and louder, they are low maintenance and less prone to malfunctions. On the other hand, belt drive fans operate on a belt-and-motor pulley system which makes them less efficient. Nevertheless, they are less expensive and quieter.

How Does a Mushroom Exhaust Fan Work?

Mushroom roof fans work just like any other exhaust fan in that they create an airway to eject bad and contaminated air out and draw in clean air into the room.

The way it works is simple. The fan pulls the bad indoor air, takes it through the ducts, and expels it out into the atmosphere. It then pulls fresh outdoor air in, takes it through the ducts, and releases it into the rooms or the space.

Why is a Mushroom Exhaust Fan Necessary?

Roof-mounted mushroom type exhaust fans are designed to exhaust bad air, odors, fumes, grease-loaded vapors, etc. out of the room. Below are just some of the benefits of these mushroom roof fans.

  1. Quick cooling – A mushroom exhaust fan can quickly and consistently reduce the temperature of the space. This will help maintain the air conditioning during summer months and the heat during winter months.
  2. Mold control – Since they help eliminate excess moisture, they prevent mold and mildew from building up.
  3. Air quality – They improve indoor air quality by filtering and removing pollutants like smoke, steam, grease, moisture, odors, and other contaminants.
  4. Fire prevention – A mushroom exhaust fan removes particles like grease-laden contaminants. This helps prevent grease fires and other build ups.
  5. Poison control – Cooking and other activities, as well as equipment produce carbon monoxide. Without the proper exhaust system, the kitchen staff is susceptible to inhaling harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide.

Technical Specifications of a Mushroom Exhaust Fan

Mushroom type exhaust fans are made up of the following basic parts, each of them performing a specific function.

  • The roof curb is the box-like part of the fan that is attached to the roof.
  • The fan base is where the fan bowl sits.
  • The fan bowl is a bell-shaped structure that houses the actual fan blades.
  • The fan blades pull the bad indoor air out and bring the fresh outdoor air in.
  • The motor operates the fans.

Mushroom Exhaust Fan Application

A mushroom exhaust fan is commonly used in restaurants, commercial and industrial kitchens, and mid- to high-rise multi-unit buildings.

A mushroom exhaust fan is crucial to increase your kitchen’s energy savings, improve the health and well-being of the staff, maintain a cleaner working environment, and minimize contamination of food products.

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