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Baikal Mechanical HVAC engineering solutions for commercial and industrial applications are energy efficient and provide operational savings.

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Baikal HVAC system benefits

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Significant CO²

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Up to 30-40%
energy savings

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Cutting of the
Maintenance Cost

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Innovative engineering projects were implemented

Happy customers from different field

$10 Million dollars saving for Baikal customers

What Are Our Clients Saying About Us?

“What I liked the most about the people over at Baikal Mechanical is that they were very organized. They had a schedule for the project and they really stuck to that schedule as much as they could and because of that, they got the project done on time. That is big for me because it is not very often that a project is finished on time. They also were very intent on making sure that everything was the way we wanted it. They just made it a really pleasant experience for us.”

Ariel Etrata
Director of The Continuing Care Community
of the Archdiocese of New York

“Baikal is a team of professionals! From the initial discussion of purchase options to the installation of the fans, then all the follow-up by the tech was top notch.
Since EINSTEIN leads in research, our staff needs best and BAIKAL meets this requirement!”

Michal Konopka
Manager, Facilities Operation and Maintenance
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“Put your concerns to rest when hiring Baikal Mechanical for modifications to HVAC systems using fan-wall technology. If your objections are like mine, everything from cost to trust to quality to timing, I can tell you it’s all good.”

Tom Goldsmith
Director of Energy and Sustainability
St. John’s University

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