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Innovators. Game changer. Pioneer.

Baikal Mechanical is a company of innovators, thinkers, creators, explorers, and experts at mastering complexity.

We combined rich heritage of 50 years of experience in commercial, institutional, and industrial HVAC markets.

The success of the company based on our customers’ satisfaction through solid product engineering, excellent design, and service follow-through both during and after installation.

Create value for our clients to deliver desired outcomes through excellent project solutions and superior client experience.

About Baikal Mechanical

Baikal Mechanical was founded by three brothers in 2015. The company was born out of the necessity for high-quality HVAC equipment that requires little to no maintenance.

Too often, nice shiny new HVAC equipment is installed in a room or area that most people will never see. But in 6 months to a year, that same equipment is no longer shiny or new and requires someone to maintain it on weekly, monthly, quarterly, or biannually intervals.

At Baikal, we believe that good equipment can be maintenance-free if built using high-quality parts.

Located in Brooklyn, NY, all Baikal products and equipment designs are custom and manufactured in the USA. When a customer has a piece of Baikal equipment in their facility, they know that their equipment will not break down due to cost costing measures used by other manufacturers.

Much of Baikal’s success and new business comes via word of mouth and reputation in the HVAC industry. Baikal prides itself on knowing that it can provide custom solutions for its customers HVAC needs. Where large manufacturers can only provide their customers with box solutions (one size fits all), Baikal develops and designs HVAC systems for its customers that are cost-effective, and on time.

Not only will Baikal be on time with your new equipment, but most of the time we will beat our competitors, projected timeline by weeks and sometimes even by months. All raw materials are stocked in our Brooklyn facility along with state of the art cutting and bending equipment. All of our equipment is designed using the latest 3D assembly software. Depending on how large your proposed equipment is (ex: cooling tower, air handler unit, etc.). Baikal can even provide you with a virtual walkthrough of your equipment. If desired you can peruse your new proposed equipment via 3D models from any angle or position you like.

One of the things Baikal prides itself on is being able to provide our customers with solutions that reduce their carbon footprint. Not only will we provide you with a custom solution that is cost-effective, but we will provide you one that provides you with energy savings. Before we begin the design process, we can provide you with an energy savings cost analysis to show you the potential energy savings you might get using a new Baikal design.

Currently, Baikal is assisting its NYC customers (Hospitals and Universities) with their Covid-19 needs. From HEPA filter fans with needlepoint bi-polar ionization to window units that produce negative air pressure in Covid-19 patient rooms, Baikal is here to help our customers with their immediate needs. Baikal also manufactures wall and ceiling mounted HEPA filter fans with needlepoint bi-polar ionization. In addition, portable air purification units are available that can “roll” from room to room. These units also can be used to make a room negative if required. We are here to help and hope if you are reading this, you will let us help you.

Baikal Team

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Rafik Galyanurov

Chief Sales Officer

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Ruslan Galyanurov

Chief of Management Officer

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Rustam Galyanurov

Director of Operations

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Jason Farber

Senior Engineer

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Andrei Fershalov

Mechanical Engineer

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Project Manager

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