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Baikal Mechanical is an innovative developer and manufacturer of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) products. We develop creative and innovative solutions utilizing the latest tools and technologies to provide practical answers to complex situations.

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During the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic (February 2020), Baikal developed a new HEPA filter fan technology incorporating needle point bi-polar ion generators to filter out and kill the COVID-19 virus. Our units are being used throughout the United States in hospitals, universities, private schools, and nursing homes to contain the spread of the virus.

Baikal Mechanical is a respected HVAC equipment supplier of choice to NYC hospitals and universities.

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Baikal Mechanical manufacturing facilities include state of the innovative art laser cutting tables and automated bending machines. All raw materials are stocked in our Brooklyn facility.

Our turnaround for projects large and small is much faster than most other HVAC manufacturing companies because Baikal is not reliant on any outside resources to do manufacturing.

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Depending upon the install location of the equipment, Baikal can either preassemble the entire unit, or if space is limited, parts can be brought to the job site individually and assembled on site. Most of our parts can fit through a standard door opening.

For large jobs that are located on a roof, cranes are not required because all our parts and assemblies are modular and do not require any heavy lifting equipment to get them to the job site.

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Baikal exhaust fans and air handler units are UL certified. Baikal is continually expanding its offerings of UL certified products.

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We offer a fully inclusive 1 year warranty on all the products that we sell including labor.

Baikal can custom manufacture various types of HVAC
equipment to meet your demanding requirements.

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